3 creative ways to package a product

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There's no question about it – packaging matters

Consider the level of excitement we have at Christmas or on birthdays when we see a beautiful package with our name on it? How do we feel when a package comes in the mail for us? Or think about the positive feelings we associate with a colorful package or a book with an amazing cover jacket. We are compelled to love what’s inside before we even open it.

The same principle holds true for retail and promotional products.

According to the Consumer Equity Company, "packaging plays an important role in the marketing context. The right packaging can help a brand carve a unique position in the market place and in the minds of the consumer."

Think of packaging as a way to increase the excitement about receiving a gift or reward -- even a mundane item -- from your brand.

So, what does your brand get out of the packaging? Just look at that Ad Story space!

Even generic product packaging capitalizes on the package to pull us in with images, color, facts and more related to the brand, product or an overall campaign.  

Is there something you want your audience to do? Visit your website, redeem a coupon for their next purchase or refer a friend? Let them know in the packaging.

Now, let’s look at some ideas for stock and custom packaging that will help you take your promotion to the next level of impact.

3 Creative Packaging Ideas

1. Cut out or window box

Easy and inexpensive way to package your product showcasing your brand. Transparent packaging lets your logo be seen right away verses a solid white shipping box. All-over print maximizes ad space and may combine with open window top.

2. Stock box with tonal step and repeat or full color imprint and optional custom insert

Remove the insert and the box becomes a storage solution in the office or at home. (This option supports the trend to reduce the amount of waste generated through packaging and carries a strong sustainability message.)

3. Mailing tube with silicon awareness band

This unique shape will make your package stand out and be noticed. Tubes can be used for desk organizers and keep your message in full view. Use awareness bands for admission ticket or gift redemption at your event. Assorted colored bands creatively identify small groups at team building, fundraising or award events. Send a tube of bands with a challenge to reach others and give them a band to join your cause, contribute to a charity, or join as a volunteer in a community outreach project.

For more creative packaging ideas, check our Packaging Matters board on Pinterest.

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