Fashionable Friday: Flip Floppin'

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Oh, the flip flop!

It's barely a shoe, but it says so much.

The flip flop is a quintessential symbol of summer, of kicking back, of casual good times.

As a marketing tool, the flip flop can be used to communicate those same messages for your brand.

Planning a summer picnic for your staff? Hook up everyone with a pair of logoed flip flops - it will help remind them it's OK to relax today.

Hospitality brands (one popular family of resorts really comes to mind) understand the power of flip flops, often incorporating this type of footwear into ads, logos and even giving them to guests upon check-in.

Flip flops are also functional giveaways. College students who live in the dorms often shower in them for sanitary reasons. Spas and salons often need to send their freshly pedicured clients flip flopping home.

Promotional flip flops are generally inexpensive, with branding opportunities on the sole and/or pad. They come in a wide array of bold, bright colors. And they're about as comfortable as you'd expect any old pair of flip flops to be.

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