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Elections are coming – is your campaign set to win? Do you have a great selection of promotional products available to your constituents and those supporters that are there for you all hours of the day (and night)? You ought to.

Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported about how presidential hopefuls are using promotional gifts to build excitement around their campaigns.  Some efforts really appeal to the “wired” generation, with the more energized and active volunteers receiving additional campaign items.

Promotional products are not new to the political world. In fact, George Washington’s campaign buttons are often cited as the first promotional products.

Being a political junkie myself and serving as a central committee party member in my county, I have a special love for election-time giveaways and display items. I truly appreciate it when I am asked to put a campaign sign in my yard.  If I support that politician, I am happy to do it! 

And how about getting a free incentive for placing some phone calls for my favorite local politician? Yes, thank you for that free water with my candidates contact information and Facebook fan page address!

I have also been involved in many local, district and state conventions and I never get tired of campaign buttons, bumper stickers or “number one” foam fingers.  Could you imagine a national convention watched by millions on television not seeing candidate placards waving in the air? It just wouldn’t be the same. Don’t forget those funny hats or glasses that just make you smile! 

Every time you see a candidate speak on television, you see a whole gaggle of people standing behind that person on the podium sporting political t-shirts. 

Want to get on TV?  Show up to a rally with a promotional product shirt supporting that person.

Speaking of support, I have attended two parades this summer and it is extremely common to see a float or just a bunch of people walking proudly wearing their favorite candidate’s t-shirt.

So, to all the political contenders and campaign managers from the local to the national level, here’s my message to you: Remember that promotional products from yard signs, to banners, to political buttons and t-shirts are keys to driving attention to your campaign and ensuring that win in the fall. 

Trust Staples Promotional Products to provide those products to help you through the political fray. 

Good luck!

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Also: Election-related promo products can become collectors' items! When I was a kid, I became obsessed with the Kennedy family and amassed quite a collection of JFK and RFK buttons, handbills and even an autographed photo of RFK.


Good point Crystal.  I have a Regan - Bush '84 button and might even have an old Carter button.  I'll have to check the value of those.  


I would like to vote for this article!  Political promotional products are perfect!


Thank you Mr. President. 

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